Why Outsourcing

It’s  proven that smart companies will outsource

"Stick to the Knitting,”one of the eight attributes of successful companies – Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr. In Search of Excellence 1982

Outsourcing creates competitiveness within a department and gives another productivity baseline for comparison

“Consultants outperformed our in house staff by 10%”

Jeff Smith Brinker International, Inc.  Expect productivity improvements when you bring consultants on board.

Outsourcing creates an aggressive edge.  Smart companies know how to get well seasoned people for exactly what they need and only when they need them.

Companies think of their outsourcing provider as one of the team

“Dave has been trusted and accepted in our small and close knit organization as though he has been here since inception.”

Douglas H. Rogers founder and past President of Cheddar’s Casual Café, Inc.

Outsourcing helps companies grow or shrink fast and seamlessly. Don’t get stuck with a stone around your neck; understand, you do not want fixed costs in a non-core business area, good companies know where to let go.